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April 3, 2020
by jenniferpuryear

Life in the Time of Corona: The Balancing Act

For a lot of us, there’s a balancing act going on right now – feelings of gratitude, on the one hand, and loss on the other.

There’s a loneliness for casual interactions with the people you like at the grocery store and elsewhere (hello, Regina, Willie Mae, and K.O. at Green Hills Kroger, I miss you!). There’s a loneliness for dinner and outings with friends and family. Each of us is living with specific, particular flavors of loneliness, as well as some daily aggravations.

One of my friends joined a firm in New York City in January – she’s the faith and work person for their global operations. Oh heavens – the timing. We were texting today…

“So I was in NY the week things went down hill fast. Lucky not to have it.”

Yes you are!

She & her husband are currently hosting three young adults also known as their children…

“Girls are mourning loss of their senior springs. Son mad. All fighting over WiFi bandwidth for our various workloads. Yet I talk to NYC every morning for work and realize what unbelievable luxury my experience is comparatively. Hard to both accept the real losses (like prom) and realize how much bigger others are….”

Yes, that’s it. Losses, and gratitude. Even some survivor guilt in the mix.

Today, portrait artist and committed extrovert Shane Neal stops in at Bacon to talk about the social interactions he misses – and what gets him through.

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