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December 29, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

Hold My Hand, and I’ll Hold Yours…

With only a few days left in December, January’s hopes wait in tender places inside us. 

I’ve been reflecting on some books that touched me this year. The top three that come to mind are Say, Say, Say by Lila SavageLate Migrations by Margaret Renkl, and How to Catch a Mole by Marc Abrams. I was also deeply moved and troubled by Toni Morrison’s Sula. I’d call it my heartache read of the year – the good kind of heartache, if there is such a thing. 

I hadn’t read anything by Morrison in a long time, but her death in August prompted me to pick up Sula, published in 1973. (My favorite book critic, Sam Sacks, said it was his favorite of her novels – and that is how I chose it. More on that below.) Continue reading →