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Savory picks for the free range reader

March 3, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

Almost Everything

If you’re a fan of Anne Lamott, you know exactly why to pick up her latest book, Almost Everything: Notes on Hope. Lamott is predictable in the best kind of way, like an Egg McMuffin – warm and savory, delicious and filling (especially if joined by a crunchy hash brown). I finished Almost Everything while enjoying the perfect McDonald’s breakfast and found myself just this side of heaven. Continue reading →

February 28, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

Interview with Amy and Amos: On Life, Joys, Worries, Books + Ballet Ball 2019

You’ll notice Amy Atkinson in a crowd. Her long strawberry-auburn tresses could star in their own movie.

Seriously – just look at that hair. I am a little obsessed with it.

You might hear Amy before you see her – that convivial personality and confident laugh. Her Ballet Ball co-chair, Amos Gott, is a little quieter when you first meet him. A steady sort, with perfect style. Less quiet the better you know him.    

Amy and Amos stop in at Bacon today for a slightly offbeat interview about what it’s been like to work on this fundraiser together, what brings them joy, what makes them worry, what TV shows they like, and what they used to read when they had time. Continue reading →