I’m changing my plans Friday night based on a poem I just read at chapter16.org called “Bad Dog.”  (Don’t worry, Gus – we’ll still have time for wine and vinyl!)  But Friday night has to begin at Parnassus at 6:30 with a reading by Wyatt Prunty, professor of English at Sewanee: The University of the South and founding director of the Sewanee Writers’ Conference.  He’s reading from his ninth collection of poetry, just published, Couldn’t Prove, Had to Promise.

Here’s part of the poem:

Bad Dog

He was a bad dog, and he did not care.
When nature called he stood and lifted there.
He chewed socks, rugs, and shoes, the rungs of chairs.
Put on a leash, he locked his legs. He would not budge.
Asleep, he barked and chased what was not there.
Awake, he barked and chased what was not there.
When danger knocked he shrugged…

Check in at chapter16.org for the rest!  It might surprise you or possibly make you cry.  (Of course that might just be me.  I can find tears for most occasions.)

*     *    *

IMG_0919Pepper as you know is a very good dog.  I won’t be introducing her to any dogs who shrug at danger, as she currently has a smart and discerning attitude towards potentially dangerous situations.  We’ve been talking about the shoes, though.


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