You’ll find Kevin Crumbo and Captain Jack Sparrow out at the park before daybreak, sometimes as early as 4 a.m. Conversations take place in the deep, dark quiet of the woods. Today, Kevin is kind enough to share a recent exchange…

From Kevin:

“Surprised you went to a ballet tonight,” exclaimed Captain Jack Sparrow, “no one will mistake you for a dance super fan, so why would you do that?”

I rubbed his black and white head and explained, “Katie and Jennifer colluded. They said I need to be open-minded and give it a chance. Turns out ballet is much more than the annual Nutcracker thing. The show tonight featured music from Johnny Cash and dancing so good even I wanted to try it. Fantastic show.”

“Jennifer is Pepper’s companion who writes that blog you read to me sometimes, right? The person like you who believes the greatest questions are best pondered in the early morning hours with us furry ones who see and smell the world a bit differently than you?”

“The same,” I responded, “glad to see you’ve been paying attention.”

“My heritage is border collie and Great Pyrenees. It’s my job to pay attention and look like an intimidating bad ass,” he proudly declared.

I let him have his moment of machismo. Difficult, though, to take too seriously the big dog named for a comical Hollywood pirate.

Sensing opportunity, he challenged, “While you’re on the open-minded train, perhaps you could be open to a few things from my perspective, too.”

“Like what?”

“Like, maybe squirrels are bored and enjoy breaking up their routine with a surprise chase. Maybe dogs pee on trees along a hiking path to mark the way for friends, not to mark territory for enemies. And maybe people would smile at you, too, if you would stick your nose out the window when we drive to the park.”

Seems an open mind brings much to ponder, including the notion that a dog just inspired the most interesting questions of the day!

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