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Aging: A Photo Essay


Today’s post features the trees in my yard. Sincerest thanks to the maples, oaks, dogwoods, and oak leaf hydrangeas who lent their time and talents!

You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that age is kind to some and cruel to others.

Mostly cruel.

You’ve heard the whispers –

He’s not doing well,

she’s losing it,

he’s hanging in there

(meaning: he’s about to give up),

she’s not giving up

(meaning: she doesn’t look good).

The thing I’ve also heard? Among the whispering leaves – 

I’ll catch you when

you fall

(I hope you know

how much I love



*      *      *


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  1. This is soooooo beautiful, serene, like a prayer. Thank you for transporting me Jennifer. Always.

  2. You took Mary Oliver’s advice to stop and look around at the wonder all around you – and we are the happy beneficiaries! I love how the trees and leaves participated. I bet they gave you most of these shots in one take because they’re real pros. 🙂

  3. One comment from the previous post nailed it: “Make this a small book”. This post confirms how right that comment was. Brilliant. Thank you.

  4. Simply beautiful.

  5. This is so lovely. One of the most difficult things for any creator – writer, songwriter, artist, choreographer – to do is to find an original point-of-view. You’ve done that here, Jennifer. I’m with some of the others who’ve commented…I can imagine these “little books” in gift shops across the country.

  6. Incredibly moving.

  7. I fully agree with all of the book comments! Lovely, Jennifer. ♥️

  8. A gift this morning. Thank you Jennifer.

  9. A very creative and thoughtful meditation. Well done and thank you!

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