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From One Leaf to Another


It’s possible I’m losing my mind, friends! It’s the leaves. They started whispering their tales – and now they won’t stop.

From One Leaf to Another

I thought that you were happy.
I thought you didn’t mind
the way we went about our lives –
or should I say
the way you went about your life
and I lived mine,
listening to different songs
on the wind
most of the time.

Don’t leave me
for not seeing
what you hid inside.
I couldn’t read your mind, love.

I didn’t know you were
so Red inside, love.

What? It’s been there all the time?
And I’ve been blind?
That’s not fair, love.
You’ve been fine.
You went about your life
and I lived mine.

What’s all this talk of leaving, love?
What’s all this talk of time?
Of seasons,
New winds blowing,
Letting go,
To seek – and find.

You’re breaking my green heart, my love.
I see now I’ve been blind.
Don’t leave me, love
Don’t leave me here
Don’t leave me, love,


Love is blind.



  1. Keep going!!! So good. So Red inside!

  2. Awesome!

  3. There’s a beautiful rhythm to your poetry. And I’m not surprised that you can hear what the leaves are telling you. It’s the same reason Pepper feels so comfortable telling you what’s on her mind. She knows she’s found a safe listener.

  4. Poetry is inspiring as are you, Jennifer.

  5. Really beautiful- read it through twice! I love to read poetry because I think it’s an exciting glimpse into someone’s else creativity and mind in a more meaningful way than prose. Also…I miss you and would love to see you soon!!!

  6. What a wonderful way to start my day. LOVE this. So beautiful! xo

  7. Such a beautiful Poem! I just closed on a property Monday nestled at the top of a ridge in Forest Hills. My Buyer and I were in awe of the setting with the colorful leaves… feels like a sanctuary….like the leaves and the trees have a voice. I am going to pass your poem along to her as I know she will LOVE it.

  8. Beautiful Jennifer!

  9. Your leaf has a lovely voice.
    I’ll have to listen more closely to those at my house. Thank you for sharing what’s on their minds and hearts:)

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