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Here’s a Bacon poem for the sadness of today. In time there will be a far better country song or novel. In the meanwhile, here’s this. I’ve been thinking about what we owe each other. And the journeys we’re on.

Things You Say To A Friend

I grew to like our mayor –

And I hate the way her story – for the moment – ends.

I cannot tell you what the better ending might have been.

I wish I were a friend who knew she traveled with a certain man. And when.

I hope I would have had the nerve to ask her – “Is this right for you and him?”

I wish I were an ally who knew she traveled with a certain man. And when.

I hope I would have looked her in the eye and said – “You’re playing with fire, and things cannot end well, and they will end.”

I wonder – if I worked for her – if I might have found the courage to ask – “Will this be worth it, in days to come, in darker days, perhaps, when now is then?” 

I’m lonely

she might have said

I’m happy

she might have said

For the first time in a thousand years –

I’m living life –

For the first time in a thousand, thousand years –

In my own skin.


And then

We’d end up here today.


And yet she might have said – 

Thank you, friend.

*      *      *



Into the woods

And down the dell,

The path is straight,

I know it well.

Into the woods,

And who can tell

What’s waiting on the journey?

Into the woods

To bring some bread

To Granny who

Is sick in bed.

Never can tell

What lies ahead.

For all that I know,

She’s already dead.

But into the woods,

Into the woods,

Into the woods

To Grandmother’s house

And home before dark.



Into the woods,

Without delay,

But careful not

To lose the way.

Into the woods,

Who knows what may

Be lurking on the journey?

Into the woods

To get the thing

That makes it worth

The journeying.

into the woods-



To see the King-



To sell the cow-



To make the potion-



To see-

To sell-

To get-

To bring-

To make-

To live-

To go to the Festival-!

Into the woods!

Into the woods!

Into the woods,

Then out of the woods,

And home before dark!


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