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Spring is the Season of Mud and Wild Violets (Photo Essay)


Spring is the season of mud and wild violets

The self-importance of tulips

Green vines creeping up old oaks

And cherry trees in radiant bloom –

Arms stretching wide and high

Pink and white blossoms



with beauty

and the uselessness of all things

(no fruit will follow).

Meanwhile the violets go about their business

feet in the mud

keeping things organized

making sure the the trains run on time

and the kids say thank you.

(Cherries dream their cherry dreams

in glory, then they’re done.)

The better life?

I’m not the one

to tell you.

*      *      *


Wild violets (and all the rest, but specifically the violets) courtesy of God.

Hackberry tree courtesy of my husband’s grandmother, who I believe planted it.

Tulips: Thank you, Ottoman Empire and Holland!

Cherry tree: I planted it, some years ago.



  1. Beautiful, happy pictures and poetry! I loved this. Thank you, Jennifer, for this bright spot on a dreary day.

  2. Wow. Wee. Thank you

  3. Enjoyed it so much, Jennifer!

  4. Bacon is an inspire for any winter’s day! Thank you for a pleasure in the in-box!

  5. Thank you for finding joy in mud and vines climbing on trees! I’m starting my own “Spring is…” poem right now! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Next up after Pepper’s adventures: a book of Jen poetry! ❤️❤️

  7. Happy spring. Thank you, Jennifer.

  8. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Patricia

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