Today’s post is inspired by fresh air, a strong breeze, a big storm, and the coast. Also a great children’s book… can you guess which one? Happy Sunday, Bacon friends!

Things Seen at the Beach in Spring

You’re at a resort so you’re not surprised
to see the big white tent
with gauzy curtains
kissing the white sand
while inside floats the sleek white dress of the bride
and the bride herself
who looks like she could use a cheeseburger
(but maybe she’s just wearing the right pair of Spanx).

You’re not surprised to see toddlers
and their tired parents in the pool
wearing swim diapers, baggy trunks
and mom-body swimsuits
while the only person enjoying a drink
is the baby nursing poolside
(though the mom has that nursing mother Glow
so maybe she is too.)

The beach allows dogs so you’re not surprised
to see the border collie and the little blond dog
come trotting from their house out to the shore.
The collie is black and white, also grey and old
and settles down on the sand for a rest
while the little blond dog does something that can only be called
including jumping right over the collie’s head
in pursuit of something Elusive
but Important.

A big storm’s coming so you’re not surprised
when the beach is misty in the distance
and you walk as far as you can
but you never reach the mist
and finally you turn back
so you don’t get caught in the storm
then after you get back safely
you keep thinking of of that misty place in the distance
and wonder if you should have kept on
until you reached it.

You’re not surprised to see driftwood resting on the shore,
a mylar balloon – deflated – shining in the surf,
a red kite wedged in a tree…
It’s the beach after all, and
things aren’t always exactly where they belong.

What you don’t expect at the beach in Spring?

The sign choked by the sand
warning –

(Which of course it is.)

*      *      *

Other things seen at the beach: my Mom and Dad! My Aunt Paula and Uncle Chip!

Joe and Marion Herndon

Chip and Paula Bodenheimer

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