Today’s photo essay comes to you from a sidewalk in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Sometimes a walk lightens a heavy heart, you know.) Skip to the end for Fall Reading Recommendations – 5 Books to Curl Up With!

The Meaning of a Fried Egg on the Sidewalk

When things seem grim

It’s probably time
To take a closer look

When you are walking around the block

Life is full of surprises, you are reminded
By the unexplained presence of a fried egg

If a fried egg can show up near the curb,
Anything can happen, anytime.

Life is full of things you may never understand, you are reminded
By the strange language of utility workers
(Or aliens with markers)

And it is full of questions you may never know the answer to
Like: Why are fire hydrants red?
And: Why was the red wheelbarrow so important in that poem?

You might see a tiny pine tree growing in the crook of an arm

You might see yourself in a shard of glass

And wonder Why?

Things aren’t always where they are supposed to be.

But small fruits remind you that
Life is also


And weeds remind you that
Green things grow in unlikely places
Especially if you don’t care too much about appearances.

The late blooming gardenia reminds you
That fragrance in September is just as sweet as fragrance in May.

I especially appreciate the overachievers –
the first acorns of autumn
the first leaves to fall –
Let’s get on with things, they say.
What’s the point of hanging around
When the sidewalk is so warm

And such a surprisingly


place to rest.


*      *      *

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