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Bacon Bit: What I Know at 50


My dear friend and author Lyn Fairchild Hawks just celebrated a big birthday. Living in North Carolina, she’s been hunkered down, following Florence and its aftermath from a safe distance. I love what she has to say.

From Lyn…

What I Know at 50

Hurricanes show you what matters, and what doesn’t matter are your plans, your ambitious plans, your shiny-this-will-make-everything-better plans. Your loved ones? They root for you and are not jealous. Those who spread love, believe in abundance. There is enough if you would share it. The Truth will out. This too shall pass. Do one tiny thing today that is bold or ridiculous or bizarre, making a notch in the stone to say your life passed this way. Stop the anxious analog tape in your head; ain’t nothin’ but a Charlie Brown “Waa waa waa waa” sound anyway. Buy the bottle and take it home. People are busy living and that’s why they didn’t text you back. Ask people questions and stop listening for the pause so you can tell your story. Hug that cat that runs you; he knows food is damn important. God is good, people are flawed, and do not confuse the two unless someone is channeling some major Spirit. Get righteously angry about the right things. Give your work, your soul work, all you got. Breathe deep and stop trying so hard to prove you are enough. Look around, look around: how lucky we are to be alive right now!

*      *      *

Love and prayers for the people in Wilmington and elsewhere.

Wilmington, N.C., Sept. 15, 2018. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters)

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Some of Lyn’s favorite reads of 2018 so far…

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A few photos to celebrate a long friendship…

Starring Lyn in The Dining Room…

Posting this because you dared me to…

This is what a beautiful 50-year-old looks like!


  1. Jen, I’m honored to be featured at Bacon! And yeah, you went there with that photo–I love that you took the dare! So many memories coming back to me right now of times we’ve enjoyed together.

  2. Poignant! Words to live by. Thank you, both.

  3. I love this post. And the photos! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Great post and so true. All of it.
    AND, I love the pictures of you two!

  5. Such a terrific reflection on what matters! And the pictures are just a bonus that tickled me. Love the youth and spirit in ALL of them!

  6. Love this post — poetic and heartfelt and true. Thank you!

  7. Happy Birthday to Lyn Hawks, a beautiful soul.

  8. These responses made my day! Thank you all, so much!

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