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On my best days I feel more gratitude and less worry. Often those are the days I’ve puttered around my yard, a good dog not far away. She’s sniffing for the coyotes who have taken up residence in the thick undergrowth at the yard’s borders. She and I and the coyotes are all wondering if we’ll be able to live together in harmony – or not. But that’s a story for another day. Today’s post features a poem and photo essay about the colors of winter in my yard.  


Winter’s grey makes wintergreen
Shine glossy, bossy, ever-queen

And brings delight as great as skies
That shine on summer’s wasteful, fertile dreams.

Winter’s brown sings songs of rest –
It promises nothing
But does suggest
That new things might come one day or the next
Despite everything.

Winter’s purple gently clings
To quiet things that are not green –
Darkly purple as the blood
That flows in veins unseen.

I welcome darkness, frigid nights
And Winter’s purples, greys and browns –

Its tender velveteen.




  1. Delightful! A reminder of the cycle of life.

  2. Beautiful!! Keep more coming!!

  3. Love this. Enjoy the season we’re in!

    • I have come to love winter. I don’t love cold weather, but I love the quietness of the season. The early onset of evening. Lighting a candle at 5 pm. Thank you so much for your very kind message, Tracy – xoxo

  4. Beautiful, Jennifer! Thank you for the bright reminder!

  5. I Love This! Thank you Jennifer.

  6. I Love This! Thank you Jennifer

  7. Thank you for a thoughtful pause. I will not gripe about the grey-brown, but rather think of it as velveteen.

  8. Great “glass half full” take on winter in Nashville. I won’t complain again!

  9. I will save this beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

  10. So thoughtful Jennifer! Thank you!

  11. Beautiful. The warmth of winter amidst the ice shines through this poem and the pictures!!

  12. I confess that I don’t feel a lot of gratitude in my heart for our grey winters. But today the sun came out!! And I’m grateful for that – and for you. And Pepper. 🙂

  13. Sharing a poetic soul’s labors is one of the most courageous acts I can think of. Bravo for the beautiful work — and for sharing it with your readers.

  14. Thank you, Jennifer, for reminding me to appreciate winter! Its always a tough season for me. What a beautiful reflection!

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