Today’s post is for my sister – beautiful in sickness and in health.

The skies are dark
The branches bare –
My sister is not well.

Branches bear the weight of night –My sister is not well.

Thank you, Nature, for mirroring exactly what I feel.
I appreciate that!
Then you turn around and do THIS.

The sun illumines
Branches bright –
The tall pines stretch
And reach the light –

While buds emerge both
Green and fair.Flowering trees in
Yellow –

White –The solitary tulip
Might –
Offer solace – 
On a day when spring sings everywhere.

My spirit lifts
Then settles down somewhere –

But honestly, Nature, nowhere good.

My sister is not well –

And don’t you know?
My heart lives there.


 *      *      *

Mom and Dad, your love has always lifted Cheryl up, and God’s love shines radiantly through you. Thank you Molly Litz, Karen Hennessey, Jen Miller, Deanna Anderson, Cassandra Hornbuckle, Center for Women’s Health, Patrick Clancy, Amanda Hampton, Carolyn Taylor, and Loretta Pearson for being among the first to send love and help take care of my sister. Thank you Bill Lloyd for loving her for a long time. You will always be family. To the other friends who are lining up to help: Thank you, I love you from a distance. Cheryl has good friends because she knows how to be a friend. She’s a good little sister. She lets me boss her around. And sometimes she bosses me around. It seems to work out well, generally speaking. Better as we’ve gotten older. xoxo


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