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Before Quiet


Sometimes the past reaches out and whispers words of peace. It whispers, strangely and beautifully, in my in-box. I’d love to share a poem written in 1924 by Hazel Wood, featured this week at the website Poem-A-Day.

Before Quiet

I will think of water-lilies
Growing in a darkened pool,
And my breath shall move like water,
And my hands be limp and cool.

It shall be as though I waited
In a wooden place alone;
I will learn the peace of lilies
And will take it for my own.

If a twinge of thought, if yearning
Come like wind into this place,
I will bear it like the shadow
Of a leaf across my face.


*     *     *

*      *      *

In a season of graduations and transitions of all sorts, I wish you peace and acceptance. And – I wish it for myself.

*      *      *

Two images sent by Betsy Wills after reading today’s post… photos taken by her yesterday…


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