Sometimes a good dog sits in the sun and is still.

A chipmunk runs from one secure location to another –
the squirrels go about their business –
the German Shepherd barks, beyond the fence –

while the good dog sits in the sun
by the redbud tree
and is still.

The roses wither –

the leaves hang on for dear life, green –
the ones that haven’t given up the ghost already –

and a good dog is still.

But then the good dog is off to the races because
it isn’t good to be still too long.

There are chipmunks to be chased
and squirrels to be harassed
and German Shepherds to be dealt with.

*    *    *

*     *     *

Looking for something great to watch? Try “Stranger Things”. It will take you back to the future (1980s style).

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