As we leave February behind, here are a few thoughts and photos from a chilly day at the beach. Also – just so you know – I haven’t heard anything from Reese or Hello Sunshine on my job application! I’ll let you know as soon as I do. Thanks for keeping me company on this journey.

One winter morning, cool and bright,
the conchs await
in various states of wholeness and disrepair –

I wonder where
the animals parted company with their shells.

Where you have you been you old grey monster?

What could you tell me of the seas?
Of freedom, hunger, joy, lust, despair?

You crusted beast, more barnacle than conch,
did you even recognize yourself at the end?

You didn’t break or bend,
That much I know.

Someone cracked your head,
sucked out your heart-

if they called it art or “me not you”
I hope you told them a thing or two
before you sank and washed up on this beach.

Like a sieve, you leaked out your heart and soul;

and you – dear one – did not grow old.

But – you absorbed the warmth of the sun;

and you wore colors of sea and sand and sky;

shone like a gem in the morning light;

buried your head in the sand when that seemed right;

and sometimes did a headstand.

Two roads diverged on a silver beach and you took the one you wanted to
(ending up in about the same place as you would have otherwise).

All of you rest together on a winter morning, cool and bright. 

My soul doth magnify the glory of the Lord –


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