A friend brought me a bag of her homemade granola just because. Who knew granola could taste like love?

Another friend brought me some daffodils. Are daffodils still blooming somewhere in Nashville? Apparently they are – and they look like love.

I’m learning things in the Time of Corona and I know you are too.

My dear friend Katie Crumbo stops in at Bacon today to share what she’s learning and doing…

Hi Katie! You’ve got a very special Easter Sunday ahead… please tell us about it… 

My goodness. YES. Our oldest, Fred, drove home from New York state two weeks ago and we have isolated him at a friend’s nearby Airbnb in the Nations. His two weeks of isolation will end on Easter and we will absolutely rejoice at his homecoming.

What has your daily life looked like over the last few weeks?

Every day is about finding a purpose or goal… big or small. I always need a purpose. There was a day where I changed all the air filters in our house and a day where a friend and I planned how to cut these air filters up and add them to cloth masks for friends.  I am grateful to generous and amazing friends who are creative sewers and have masterfully tackled the job of making cloth masks for everyone.  

 How were Fred’s spirits when he was in quarantine? Yours? 

 It is certainly strange not to hug my own son. We have taken his quarantine very seriously but had many distanced dog walks and dinners with him sitting on the far side of the porch.

What do you think it will be like to have everyone under one roof?

 Ask me on May 1.

 Has life in your neighborhood changed?

 Yes. So many walkers. Great to see everyone out and about but maintaining distance. We had a lovely neighbor gather a few couples for a BYOB distanced cocktail event at the end of our driveways.  

What are you secretly or not so secretly enjoying about Life in the Time of Corona?

 Obviously Bacon. I wasn’t kidding when I said Fauci, Bacon, Sanjay, Alex Jahangir (a new add-on to this list for local updates). Love the stories you have brought to us and shared experiences. Perfectly reinforces that we are all in this together and our new normals are not so different. Also enjoying all the book and Netflix suggestions. Please, please keep them coming.

 What’s the biggest hardship? What do you miss most?

 Biggest hardship? That’s tough – I feel REALLY fortunate when I watch the news. Miss seeing everyone in person but have enjoyed some great phone conversation so they seem to balance each other.  

What has not changed at all?

 My dog, Jack. He still needs walks. Know he is very much enjoying the extra attention of having us all home.  

 Some people are feeling busier than ever in the Time of Corona. Are you?

I am not as busy but my husband is VERY busy. My hat is off to him – he goes into his home office early and doesn’t emerge until very late. Metro Finance Director working to keep the city afloat as the economy sinks. He is amazing and I am reminded every day that I picked the right partner.  

 What are you reading? Watching on TV? Podcasts? What would you recommend? 

 Just finished reading Dear Edward (thank you, Bacon) and am audio booking Normal People (thank you, Bacon). We just finished “Mad Men” and have started the third season of “Ozark.” Am really excited about the next season of “Killing Eve.”  

We’re crazy about “Killing Eve” too!

Under the category of dubious recommendations… might actually recommend “Tiger King” BUT ONLY the first two episodes so you know what the all the Joe Exotic talk is about with your kids. You will probably be astounded. As a mother of two boys, it is amazing that there are still things out there that truly shock me.

This is Joe Exotic, right?

Other forms of stress relief in the Time of Corona?

 Walking outside. I have a friend who I meet every morning at 8:30am. We social distance but walk for at least an hour.

Also enjoying the workouts with my younger son, Charlie. He is so strong and cheerful. He’ll say “way to go mom,”  “good work,” or “keep it up” as I’m slogging up our street or struggling to do a handstand or push-ups. He is kind but there is likely no other time in life where he would tolerate my snails pace.   

What are you most looking forward to when we return to “normal”? 

 Eating out. I miss all our wonderful Nashville restaurants.  

 How is this experience changing you? How do you think it will change our country – or our world? 

 My most ambitious life goals have certainly simplified.  Right now, I want my family, friends, and community to come out on the other side of this alive.  

 I can already see our community changing – businesses, non-profits organizations, and friends are impressively finding creative ways to serve and rethink how they can survive on less.  

 What have you learned about yourself in the Time of Corona?

 I should take a shower early in the day – so many reasons this is important.  

Laughing!! Yes. You have such positive, good energy always, Katie – and I so enjoyed hearing your voice this morning. It sounds like – love. 








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