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Neighborhood Wildlife in the Time of Corona


This week, I spotted 4 vultures in a tree in our yard, a wandering turkey two houses down, two ducks enjoying a conjugal visit in a local pond, and cardinals and mockingbirds, in particular, establishing territory. I also spotted two couples from our neighborhood who came over for an outdoor, socially distant cocktail (on different afternoons).

I was kind-of worried about the vultures, but a red-tailed hawk hustled them along and they haven’t been back. I haven’t found a carcass of any sort in the yard.

All this put me in mind of a poem by Mary Oliver…


*      *      *

Thank you, Steve & Mary Jo Shankle and Charlie & Lawrence Cook for being willing to come over. And help keep us sane. xoxo



*       *      *

(Print of the Oliver poem at Etsy here.)


  1. The red tail hawk was here in the grass yesterday, striking at something, then looking up to see if we were watching from the window. Over and over. A snake? But later, nothing there. The bluebird is back.

    Allison is a longtime Mary Oliver devotee, but I am not deep enough. Even I got this one, though. Thanks.

  2. Any day with a Mary Oliver poem is a good day.

  3. This crisis keeps sending me back to Mary Oliver too. A big volume of her poems sits on my bedside table. Thanks for sharing this one!

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