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Stranger Things in the Time of Corona



I feel like I’m getting weirder in the Time of Corona. You? It’s a time for stranger things.

Yesterday my dog wouldn’t walk with me. She has grown accustomed to walking with my husband and me together, and she didn’t want him to stay behind. Really she HATED the idea of him staying at home. She and I made it about two houses down the road – unhappy the whole way – and then she dug in, looking back.

Well okay, Pepper. I’ll take you back and take my iphone on a walk instead.

This is what I saw…

The Walk of the Fire Hydrants

On the walk my dog wouldn’t go on, I saw fire hydrants in varying postures and positions with various attitudes and dispositions.

One stood straight beside a leaning tree,




one stood straight behind bars.



One stayed close to the news



while another trusted her own eyes, watching the world.



One found solace in a clinging vine,



one near a sheltering tree,



one embraced long experience,



another fortitude.



One really missed his friends while the other, so close, stood


alone, content.



One yelled,



while another whispered, and was also heard.


None wept – none, on my walk – but all had tears inside.

There are a lot of ways to be a fire hydrant in the world, to be ready to fight the fire.


*       *       *




  1. Robust. Profound.

  2. You are fun. Embracing the weirdness and stranger things too xx

  3. Take care, neighbor! There is very little I am certain of these days, but I do believe that is poison ivy. Better take me with you on your next walk; I’ll meet you at the fire hydrant near my mailbox. xo

  4. my FAVORITE post, ever!!! the poet in you.

  5. You are a wonderful poet! I love the way you observe the world ❤️.

  6. This was a great way to start my day. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  7. Lolllol!!

  8. Brave.

  9. Nice photo journal

  10. Great images, all living and non-living have a purpose.

  11. Like Pippin, Pepper has a stubborn gene located somewhere on the double helix.

  12. Brilliant! You have a creative way of looking at mundane items.

  13. You are Not Crazy!!

  14. Really enjoyed this! Thank you….

  15. So very clever. Loved this!

  16. i am signing up for a walk too. Maybe we can get Pepper, Bentley and yes, little Watson out for a walk. Watson is 10 pounds and ready to take on ANYONE! xoxo

  17. Only you, Jennifer

  18. Creativity is based on a different perspective. Glad you are exercising your talent for words and inspiration.

  19. This would make a lovely children’s book! ❤️

  20. So creative, clever, insightful! Love this— and you!

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