Half the time I feel like yelling



because the virus messes with your head after a while
even when you don’t – yourself personally – have the virus.

There is no “new normal” there’s just
Right Now, and it is an EMERGENCY
and I can’t fix it –
or fix me, or you –
or your ex-husband –
and I certainly can’t slow the progress of our father’s tragic decline.

On busy Clifton street
with the hum and spit of buses
someone at the “Ben Franklin school”
planted too many rose bushes –

thank God for that crazy gardener.

Now I’m walking in the park
near busy Clifton Street
among the weeds and pines and oaks.
I’m staying here, butterflies –
with you –

let the runners leave us behind.

You remind me
how to seek what is beautiful
and how to float ~







*      *      *



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