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Saturday Special: 6 Gifts


Hello, friends! The “Best Books of 2020” lists are rolling out. They include:

The New York Times 100 Notable Books of the Year; Washington Post Top 10 Books of the Year; Financial Times Best Books of the Year, Time magazine: The 100 Must-Read Books of 2020 and Oprah magazine: Best Books of 2020.

Town & Country also offers a smart and wide-ranging list.

 It’s fun to browse in these candy stores!

If you’re working on your holiday shopping list, today’s post features a few Bacon ideas – admittedly not books – but bookish in spirit perhaps…

1 – Bedhead Pajamas

Living in my pajamas, I have come to appreciate the importance of pajamas. That’s the way of things, isn’t it?

Bedhead PJ’s are my favorite… comfy, colorful, cheerful, soft but not clingy.

Bedhead offers a lot of adorable family choices too:

2 – Food gift from

Goldbelly is kind-of like an Etsy for foodies. Local independent iconic restaurants offer their best stuff, to be shipped to you.

I ordered Gumbo from Commander’s Palace in New Orleans to serve after Thanksgiving and will let you know how that turns out. 

3 – For the Tea Enthusiast: TeaBloom

This looks SO COOL. It’s on my Christmas list. Explore tea + art at


4 – Sweet treat for Book & Chocolate-lover

Did someone say “library of chocolates”?

Vosges has some intriguing options. Lake Champlain does too, at a better price point.

5 – Fornasetti candle

Style: A+

After you finish burning the candle, put the container in the freezer. The remaining wax will come out more easily. Then you have a special place for secrets and treasures. 

You can find these at places like Neiman Marcus, but the best place to buy locally is at G&G Interiors here in Nashville. 

6 – Anything from Thistle Farms

When I wake in the night – uncomfortable – I unwrap my ankles and massage Thistle Farm balm into my feet and lower legs. Each morning I do the same. I love this stuff. And appreciate the work being done in the world at Thistle Farms. As they say: Love Heals.

*      *      *

Please leave any other suggestions for the Bacon community in the comments! Xoxo

Living the Pajama Life at home and in public


  1. From another lover of Thistle Farms programs and products.

  2. These are excellent recommendations, thank you. More importantly, great to see you up and about, Bedhead Pajamas and all!

  3. Great gift suggestions, and it is even better to see you standing up

  4. Great to see you

  5. You’re beautiful – from gorgeous hair on down. I’m so glad you’re ambulatory. Happy healing, Jennifer. John and I think of you so often!

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