Hello, friends! The “Best Books of 2020” lists are rolling out. They include:

The New York Times 100 Notable Books of the Year; Washington Post Top 10 Books of the Year; Financial Times Best Books of the Year, Time magazine: The 100 Must-Read Books of 2020 and Oprah magazine: Best Books of 2020.

Town & Country also offers a smart and wide-ranging list.

 It’s fun to browse in these candy stores!

If you’re working on your holiday shopping list, today’s post features a few Bacon ideas – admittedly not books – but bookish in spirit perhaps…

1 – Bedhead Pajamas

Living in my pajamas, I have come to appreciate the importance of pajamas. That’s the way of things, isn’t it?

Bedhead PJ’s are my favorite… comfy, colorful, cheerful, soft but not clingy.

Bedhead offers a lot of adorable family choices too:

2 – Food gift from Goldbelly.com

Goldbelly is kind-of like an Etsy for foodies. Local independent iconic restaurants offer their best stuff, to be shipped to you.

I ordered Gumbo from Commander’s Palace in New Orleans to serve after Thanksgiving and will let you know how that turns out. 

3 – For the Tea Enthusiast: TeaBloom

This looks SO COOL. It’s on my Christmas list. Explore tea + art at Teabloom.com.


4 – Sweet treat for Book & Chocolate-lover

Did someone say “library of chocolates”?

Vosges has some intriguing options. Lake Champlain does too, at a better price point.

5 – Fornasetti candle

Style: A+

After you finish burning the candle, put the container in the freezer. The remaining wax will come out more easily. Then you have a special place for secrets and treasures. 

You can find these at places like Neiman Marcus, but the best place to buy locally is at G&G Interiors here in Nashville. 

6 – Anything from Thistle Farms

When I wake in the night – uncomfortable – I unwrap my ankles and massage Thistle Farm balm into my feet and lower legs. Each morning I do the same. I love this stuff. And appreciate the work being done in the world at Thistle Farms. As they say: Love Heals.

*      *      *

Please leave any other suggestions for the Bacon community in the comments! Xoxo

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