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Sunday Morning Special: A Fever Dream; a Hymn


Yesterday in a fever dream
I walked through a forest of strawberry cream – 

lay down upon a petal bed –

swiftly sinking…

sinking, sleeping…

sleeping, walking…

walking, waking

among the hellebores who hissed with dragon tongues and cursed me. 

Now – running – stumbling –
falling – tumbling –

into the bamboo forest –

where possums and lions and even coyotes haunt and torment.

Lost – the violets called me,

common henbit – 

fairy spud – 

the tiniest nubs on the redbud tree – 

sang of light – and strawberry cream.

And so –

I found my way back to the ice cream forest
Where a little black bear ate an ice cream cone.

“Come here, little bear! I’ve had quite a scare!”
(My voice shaking, I barely spoke.)

(A dove saw it all from the old swamp oak.)


*      *      *

And while I was yet dreaming my Fever Dream of Spring, I heard this song…

*     *     *

“Raise my Ebenezer”: reference to 1 Samuel 7:10, meaning “stone of help,” commemorating a Jewish victory in battle. (Thanks, Robin Thompson!)

*      *      *



  1. Brilliant Spring awakening. Looove. Read over and over. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you, dearest Betsy!! Xoxo

  3. Your photos and poetry lift my soul.

  4. I walked by your beautiful yard this morning and felt your poem in my heart ❤️. The birds were singing and the aroma was so peaceful. Thank you

  5. Oh Jennifer, your spring dreams! somehow soothing, inspiring, whimsical. Love this so much.

  6. Jennifer, I have been driving or walking around Nashville these past few days in awe of the beauty around us. You captured it in words perfectly! Thank you!

  7. What a beautiful poem!! The bamboo forest is still there…memories of my childhood imagining and playing in them! This was back in the day when all the neighborhood children played in EVERYONE’s yards… no fences or boundaries. My mother would ring a cow bell to come home. XO

    • I love thinking of you playing in the bamboo forest, Elizabeth – or imagining what might be inside it. And I love thinking of your mother ringing the bell to bring you home… (and, thank you) Xoxo

  8. Dear Jennifer, you have the most beautiful yard on Bear Road! Your poem and pictures brought spring to life despite the last few cold days trying to keep winter alive…Good bye Winter!

  9. What a beautiful salute to Spring! Thank you, Jennifer. Love the poem and the pictures.

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