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a morning stroll


Students have left campus following the end of the term, and summer classes have yet to begin. An eerie quiet holds in the early morning… 

The daylilies think about greeting the day,

the last of the columbine ring their tiny bells, and

Virginia spiderwort continues to regret her name but not her looks.

A small rabbit browses in the aster,

a robin works on a late-season nest, and 

a turtle munches on breakfast.

Some things are out of place, 

not lost perhaps, just in transition, 

while others are exactly where they belong. 

Mirrors offer strange reflections,

trees with wounds yet stand tall, 

and I am reminded that angels move among us, with wings, crossing streets.


  1. Oooooh. Publish a coffee table book.

  2. Carolina on my mind. Thank you, Jennifer.

  3. What Betsy said. I feel like you and Alexandra Stoddard would be friends.

  4. A wonderful way to begin a new day! Thank you.

  5. Jennifer, more of your poetry!❤️

  6. Love your photos and poetic observations ❤️.

  7. Really loved this!

  8. Spiderwort is one of my favorite plants. We have some planted on a hillside near our house. And what you have shared is a beautiful meditation. I will go through several times this week, I’m sure. Peace, LaMon

  9. This was lovely. A treat to read and see.

  10. Just awed by your friendships with nature.

  11. I like your photos and poetic observations. You can contact me Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP
    (803) 480-1190
    65 Bouknight Road
    Johnston, SC 29832

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