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May 11, 2020
by jenniferpuryear

Girlfriends in the Time of Corona: Jessi Baker & Dallas Wilt

  I thought I might run an occasional series on Girlfriends in the Time of Corona – I’ve been missing mine! I’m delighted that Jessi Baker and Dallas Wilt will lead us off! They’ve got some seriously good energy on a Monday morning…

November 10, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

Hunting Butterflies: Guest Post by Dallas Wilt

Book Title: I Miss You When I Blink

Today’s guest post is about an identity crisis. And butterflies. It’s about women – figuring things out.

January 13, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

She’s on the C.A.S.E.: Guest Post by Dallas Wilt

Book Titles: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Clean, Stumbling into Grace

How to describe my friend Dallas… Imagine Nancy Drew, she of the yellow 1970s hardbacks – earnest, wholesome, smart, with that twinkle in her eye. Add some Bewitched charm and sparkle. Reese Witherspoon class and style. Do you have a picture? Dallas is of course her own protagonist, her own heroine – living an energetic life, raising her daughters, taking care of Fleming, and making …

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December 30, 2016
by jenniferpuryear

New Year, New You: Guest Post by Dallas Wilt on Presence

Book Title: Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

No one would ever accuse me of succeeding at New Year’s Resolutions. I finally came up with a better strategy:  New Year’s Course Corrections. I tend to do better with that gentler, more navigational approach. Today, Dallas Wilt reflects on a book that surprised her and steered her in the right direction… From Dallas:  I generally avoid the self-help section at the bookstore, but when I was …

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April 16, 2015
by jenniferpuryear

Guest Post by Dallas Wilt: The Age of Desire

Desire takes many forms.  Dallas Wilt has a desire to be free. “At the beginning of this academic year,” she says, “I established 2014-15 as the ‘put a bow on it’ year.  My goals were to finish what I had already started and not to take on any new non-profit initiatives.  Basically, I wanted to ‘put a bow’ on my existing projects and clear my …

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June 5, 2014
by jenniferpuryear

Guest Post: Dallas Wilt on The Quest for Happiness

Book Title: The Color Wheel

Dallas and her husband Fleming joke that they were the last single people left standing in Nashville and found each other by default.  This was a few years ago, of course, before the current youth invasion.  First date to wedding day: 9 months!   I’d say they were meant to be.  Dallas enjoyed a demanding career before motherhood and still challenges herself all the time; the …

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