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July 2, 2020
by jenniferpuryear

“Life in America” Special: Brigitte Arenhold Porter

Today’s post in the “Life in America” series belongs to Brigitte Arenhold Porter, who grew up in Germany during World War II… “I witnessed humanity at its very core when the US Allied forces liberated my old hometown in 1945. The Americans had ordered houses to be unlocked and all inhabitants assembled in one room. When the soldiers left, the black sergeant took the time …

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September 22, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

The Moment of Lift

Book Titles: The Moment of Lift, Late Migrations

I’ve been thinking about Melinda Gates and her New York Times bestseller, “The Moment of Lift.” I’ve been thinking about women in community. I’ve been thinking about my friends Wendy Martin, Carrington Fox, and Lawrence Cook. Please join me in the Bacon Neighborhood today for a few reflections (including thoughts from my friend Lawrence)…

September 1, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

Sunday Bacon: Top Ten for Fall 2019

Book Titles: Say, Say, Say, Olive Again, Fight No More: Stories, The Dutch House, Late Migrations, Inland, Revolution Song, Exhalation, The Testaments, Conviction

I love a list. I especially love a to-do list and the ecstatic feeling of crossing things off. Making a Top 10 list of recommended reading, on the other hand, gets harder each time I do it. What you should read right now is intensely personal… what are you dealing with in your life? What has your best friend just read? Which book has been …

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June 30, 2019
by jenniferpuryear

Love, Loss, and Margaret Renkl

Book Titles: Late Migrations, Nothing to See Here, At Briarwood School for Girls, Mozart's Starling

I am overwhelmed – and awed – by the beauty of Margaret Renkl’s new book, Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss. There is nothing new under the sun, we are told by a reliable source. That being said, each person brings her own eyes and personal history to the world. Margaret’s vision is dark – radiant – peaceful – mournful – and …

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