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Savory picks for the free range reader

June 27, 2020
by jenniferpuryear

Getting a Handle on 2020: Guest Post from 2 Cece’s

“Wherever there are four Episcopal priests, there is always a fifth,” it has been noted, with a sly smile. In particular, Mary Laurie Cece’s father used to say this (an Episcopal priest and college professor himself). Mary Laurie recently recounted this to her four grown kids, living at home. “What’s a fifth?” one of them asked.  For those under 25: it’s a handle. These are the …

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November 4, 2018
by jenniferpuryear


I was thrilled when the Headmaster of my daughters’ boarding school asked me to give a chapel talk on the topic “Why Read” over Parents Weekend. What a lovely invitation! What an honor! I worked quite hard to write a speech that I thought might be interesting to parents and students.