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Savory picks for the free range reader

February 17, 2021
by jenniferpuryear

What We See in the Snow…

Ash Wednesday invites reflection on sin, suffering, and grace. A massive winter storm invites reflection as well. Our world is transformed by snow and ice. Today’s Bacon features photos from around town as well as a Lenten devotional recommendation from my friend Jane Anne…                               A        

January 17, 2021
by jenniferpuryear

3 Good Gifts, feat. Betsy Davies, Tracy Kornet, Shelby Moody

My friend Shelby Moody recently gave me a small devotional called “A Moment with God,” by Betsy Davies. Betsy made it on Shutterfly – it’s a personal collection of photographs and meditations that she put together following the passing of her husband last year. I love the way she talks about wind… The tree outside my window is still, there appears to be no wind. …

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