Ash Wednesday invites reflection on sin, suffering, and grace.

A massive winter storm invites reflection as well. Our world is transformed by snow and ice.

Today’s Bacon features photos from around town as well as a Lenten devotional recommendation from my friend Jane Anne…

West End Middle School (Photo by Carrington Fox)


“Catharine Hollifield & me on late-night snow safari on West End. We’ve been walking in Whitland snow together since like 1976.” -Carrington Fox


One more from Carrington: West End Avenue


“It’s chilly and snowy!! I kind-of love it. Takes me back to my childhood days in CT and NY. I am feeding my bluebirds in a little blue dish, and they know it. I have added food twice today.” – Carolyn Taylor


Carolyn: “They are sitting on the ground. They look so cold.” Bacon: “Oh poor dears, yes they do. I’m sure you are worried about them.” Carolyn: “I’m ridiculously worried. And obsessed.” Bacon: “And now I’m worried too.”


Thank God for the warm & cozy pups who ease our anxieties. (Carolyn’s Buddy.)


Japanese weeping lace (by Mary Raymond)


“The tiny things coming up through the snow are baby azaleas from the Arbor Day Foundation. Buried out of sight are some butterfly bushes… they don’t look great, but I am hoping they will surprise me!” -Mary Raymond


“The sun forces light through the trees and heavy gray clouds. I’m sure that means something…” -Amy Lynch


Photo by Amy Lynch


“Tradition holds that when you see a red bird in your yard someone from heaven is visiting.” -Mary Jo Shankle. Photo by Carolyn Dalton.


“Covid has us all feeling frozen in one way or another. Encased in snow and ice, spellbound and suspended, waiting, waiting… waiting helplessly but not hopelessly for Spring.” -Mary Jo


“I love the mountains,“ says my friend in Montana, sharing a snowscape. “I love the mountains because of their natural beauty and imposing presence. They demand our respect and remind us of why we need to protect our natural environment. For me, the mountains have always been a great escape…”


“When I see something that once held life laying dormant it makes me think of what was, but also what could be. I think it is a metaphor for life transitions. Things will never be exactly the same.” -Brent Moody


“I love the stillness.” -Shelby Moody (Henrietta, TN)


“I just returned from Tampa and raced straight to work… I don’t have any photos other than this, which I snapped late last night when Frank picked me up from work. It is my sole weather image! Frank is helping a stranded woman trying to get gas at 11pm on White Bridge Road. It is all I have to offer… but made me proud…” -Tracy Kornet


“A man, his daughter, and a sled passed down through the generations… fun times!” -Lawrence Blank Cook


-Photo by Louis Garrard, intrepid golfer, humorist, off-roader


Recommended (and sent to me) by my friend Jane Anne Pilkinton. My journey begins today. Each of our journeys begins – again – today. Xoxo


Photo by Amy Lynch


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