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Savory picks for the free range reader

March 21, 2020
by jenniferpuryear

Life in the Time of Corona: Chicken and Sancerre

Book Title: Impractical Thinking

Good morning, friends! I’m delighted for poet Arne Weingart to answer interview questions from Chicago at Bacon today. He writes about God and despair, chicken and Sancerre, among other aspects of Life in the Time of Corona. You might have seen his poem “Joe Namath at Whole Foods” a few days ago. I am also relieved to share some good news. Day 10 seems to …

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March 19, 2020
by jenniferpuryear

Life in the Time of Corona: Joe Namath at Whole Foods

Book Title: Unpractical Thinking

We’re all thinking more about our trips to the grocery store, right? I made a quick trip to my local Kroger at 10 am yesterday, and though there weren’t many shoppers, I still felt – you know – concerned. The shelves were pretty decimated, certainly of popular items. That being said, no one is going to starve in Nashville, Tennessee based on what I saw. …

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