pc1Regular Bacon contributor Monica McDougall (far left) recently spent “the most magical week” dove hunting in Argentina.  Her husband and sons enjoyed the hunt, while she and daughter Ellie fell in love with the land and the people.  Their happiest moments included watching the match and cheering with the locals as Argentina won their thrilling World Cup game against the Netherlands.

It was winter in Argentina, and on the heels of that trip, Monica and her family journeyed north to Michigan to visit her dear friend Sally.  “You could say we’ve been keeping cool this summer,” she quips.

Never without a book in hand, and always happy to help a friend, Monica sent in a Bacon Bit review for our reading pleasure today.  For her bio and prior post, please click here.

From Monica:

Today’s Read:  Sisterland, by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Quick Summary:  Identical twins Kate and Violet are seeking their “normal.”  Kate is striving for the 2.5 kids, white picket fence suburbia while Violetʼs days are ordered by her inner psychic voice, The Guardian.  A fateful occurrence slams the sistersʼ worlds together, and any sense of normalcy flies out the window, causing a fascinating unraveling and reweaving of lives.

A Must-Read If:  You are too rested.  Sittenfeldʼs novel moves at a pace that will keep you up far past your bedtime, and 9780812980332_p0_v3_s114x166once the lights are out, you may lose sleep pondering the ethical/nonethical choices you might make to protect the ones you love.

An Avoid-At-All-Costs Read If:  You have a fear of earthquakes, abhor clairvoyants and have never had a fight with your sister.

Memorable Passage:

“After that night, I {Kate} didnʼt question whether we ought to be a couple, whether getting to know him was worth the effort (and it really wasnʼt an effort anyway).  Sometimes, of course, I questioned why he wanted to be my boyfriend or my husband. But even that night at his apartment, and certainly as time passed, the feeling that being with Jeremy gave me was like the one Iʼd had listening to my mother’s old Christmas records during childhood.  Especially with the lyrics that went ‘Oh the weather outside if frightful, but the fire is so delightful…,’ Iʼd wish I could climb inside the song, that I could be festive and protected among sleighs and snow.  With Jeremy, it was as if I had actually succeeded in breaching the song: to my own astonishment, I had gotten what I wanted.”

Important To Know:  There are so many studies of relationships in Sisterland.  Not only does the author dissect the bond of twins, but she also reveals the inner workings of marriages, families, and friendships.

Personal Frustration:  I adored Sittenfeldʼs The American Wife, and devoured her Prep.  How did this rich book not find me until released in paperback?

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