IMG_3169With the New Year approaching, I took the opportunity to have a serious conversation with Pepper.  She was settled in comfortably on the loveseat in the kitchen – napping, actually – and I sat down next to her. 

IMG_3171She perked right up.  I told her I had some proposed resolutions for her.  “Some are more important than others,” I noted.  “The first three you might consider aspirational.  The last three you should consider high priority.  I’ve written them down on a list for you, and I hope they will serve as a guide and a motivation in the New Year.  Here they are:

  1. I resolve to ignore rolls of toilet paper and boxes of kleenex and their possibilities.
  2. I resolve stay off your bed, especially when anyone else is in the room as a witness.
  3. I resolve to stop counter surfing.
  4. I resolve to greet people in ways that do not include jumping on them.
  5. I resolve to not bark so fiercely that I look and sound like a rabid dog when the mother with the double stroller walks by.
  6. I resolve to steer clear of poop in the yard, even if I am sorely tempted to roll in it or eat it.”

I looked at her with a steely gaze.  “What do you think of those resolutions?” 

“I’m down with them,” she responded cheerfully.  “I can try.”

“Do you have any ideas for resolutions for me?” I asked.  “I’ve been thinking about those too, and I have a long list for myself.”

She considered for a moment.  “I can only think of one.”

“Only one?” I asked incredulously.  

“Just the one:  I resolve to listen more than I speak and to speak the truth I discern.”

“Wow, Pep… that is Yoda-level profound.  Thank you.  That is exactly what I want to do in the new year.  More listening… more truth.  If I can.”  Quietly:  “And thanks for not mentioning all the other ways I could be a better human.”

She licked my hand and I kissed her face and she decided it was a good time to get back to her nap.  I didn’t blame her.  It is wise to begin the New Year well rested.

 *     *     *


May the Force be with you in the New Year!

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