The brilliant young Prince collapses – dead – while the old Queen lives to reign another year.  The mad and the cunning spew venom as they slash and burn their way across the land, gathering armies of voters to themselves.  It’s all feeling very Game of Thrones to me this week.

And then this:  the simplest of encouragements.  Winter is not coming, not today; Spring is here.

From regular Bacon contributor (and my former high school history teacher) Jack Barnwell:

Some Canada Geese return to the same nesting grounds each year.  For the past two years, at least, a pair of geese have nested on the point of our lot at Lake Tillery.


Beth and I do our best not to come too close to their nest or otherwise disturb them.  Last year their eggs became prey to some of the other denizens in and around the lake.  But this year the goose and her mate the gander fended off the possible predators (snakes, muskrats, crows, raccoons, snapping turtles).  In a season of divisiveness, xenophobia, bigotry and numerous other human failures and preoccupations, I find the Canada Geese’s focus on what is essential and eternal and worth the struggle very hopeful.


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