Mary Walton Jarman hasn’t let the election get her down.  It helps that she’s 13 months old!  Today, she shares  some reading recs for the under-2 set – and some profound wisdom for the rest of us.  Thanks to mom Caylan for moderating the conversation!

From Mary Walton (and Caylan):

I love it when….
I have the full attention of a room.

I really don’t like it when…
Dad explains that Lola’s dog food is not for babies.

unnamed-2Lola is my favorite dog because…
She doesn’t mind when I hug her tighter than she prefers and she loves it when I share my food with her when Mom isn’t looking.

My favorite foods are…
Turkey, avocado and watermelon.

I don’t care for…
Eggs or carrots.

True or false: I love taking naps!
True at home and, unfortunately for my teachers, false at Mother’s Day Out.

The best things about Mother’s Day Out are…
Art projects and making friends.

Some of my latest accomplishments are…
Walking and talking! I can say Dada, woof woof, quack quack, uh oh and dog… but I’m still holding out on “Mama.”

Some of my favorite toys are…
My babydoll from Gaga & Captain Jarman and Radio Flyer pushing tricycle from Mimi & Grandaddy Cheadle.

Halloween was very interesting to me because…
Who knew a pink fluffy costume would get me so many treats?

One of the latest places I’ve traveled to is…
Exuma, Bahamas. I drew my inspiration for my Halloween costume from the swimming pigs!

My grandparents are so special because…
They both live nearby and take care of me often when my parents travel, have date nights or even “just because.” I have the BEST grandparents who love me endlessly and spoil me quite a bit! My Gaga taught me how to “dunk” my basketball into the hoop last week and it could be argued that my Mimi enjoys shopping for clothes for me more than for herself.

True or false: I love going to bed at night.
True! Mom and Dad are thrilled that I sleep 12 hours every night!

My bedtime is at….

My favorite time to read is…
All the time! I love to read morning, noon and night. Often times the same book several times in a row. I really like turning the pages on my own.

My favorite thing to do before I fall asleep is…
Take a bath and give extra cuddles to delay the inevitable.

Recommendations from Mary Walton:

Pat the Bunny by Dorthy Kunhardt
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Corduroy by Don Freeman
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Local Authors:
Kind is Saying Thank You & Still is Being Quiet both by Caroline Bridges Cook (with calligraphy by our favorite: Val Cole!)
Goodnight, Nashville by Jennifer Osland Hillen







Other Favorites:
Little Sleepyhead by Elizabeth McPike & Patrice Barton
Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino
That’s Not My Princess by Fiona Watt





*     *     *

Those are some really great books, Mary Walton!  Thank you for these recommendations and for sharing your wisdom about things that make life joyful: good food, a good dog, good books, making friends, expressing yourself, giving and receiving love – and, generally speaking, an early bedtime, preceded by cuddles.

*      *     *

For more children’s book ideas, check out The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2016 here.









Caylan, Mary Walton, and Anderson Jarman

Caylan, Mary Walton, and Anderson Jarman






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