Whatever you do today – working out, cleaning out, being nicer to your spouse – don’t ruin a good start to the year or a good mood by stopping in at the drugstore. What is sadder than the dregs of Christmas on sale at Walgreens? (Small-scale sad, not Aleppo-level sad.) I almost bought an enormous, poorly made, unwanted teddy bear, which confirms that I’ve read Corduory too many times. The shopping carts parked at the front of the store overflow in messy excess with formerly festive candy and questionable cookies. The wrapping paper, bags, tissue, and ribbon that promised surprises and happiness now look dated and useless.

I leave Walgreens in a funk, remembering that I felt this way after Christmas last year and the year before and the year before that. The holidays are over, and that’s a little bit sad, but what’s worse is the feeling that Christmas is something that can be marked down at Walgreens. I know from the Who’s down in Whoville that it cannot – but still.

So what’s to be done?

Meet corporate America with pop culture, head on: channel some badass Princess Leia.


What did Princess Leia – or Carrie Fisher – mean to you, as a kid, an adult, or both?  If you’ll send a few thoughts to me at by January 8th, I’ll happily include them in the next post.

Princess Leia wouldn’t get stuck in a funk. She’d get busy fighting the good fight, whatever it happened to be that day.

Happy New Year, friends! May the Force be with you.

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