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Pepper and The Very Unwise Daffodils



Finally, a ray of sunshine! Pepper and I took advantage. She bounded around the yard securing the border and I did my usual slow circuit. To my dismay, I found the daffodils already 3 and 4 inches high, seemingly overnight. Pep found me kneeling beside them.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“The daffodils!” I cried, anguished. “Too early! They are going to be ruined. They are going to be frostbitten and hideously ruined, like last year. I could cry!”

“You are practically crying,” she noted.

“This warm weather! It entices them to come up early. Then all the rain. It’s the perfect storm. Or the perfect seduction,” I lamented. “And they just can’t resist.”

I stood up to take some pictures of the silly, unwise daffodils, those foolish creatures who failed to learn the lessons of winters past.  

I crushed one under my boot in the process.

“AAAAGGHHH!” I exclaimed.  

“It’s a dangerous world for daffodils,” Pep observed. “Maybe you should worry less about the weather and more about…”

“Hush,” I replied.


Pep at rest. She forgave me for being short with her.



  1. Pepper….so wise! (I, too, am upset about the daffodils and the tulips! Crazy weather!)

  2. With Pepper by your side, daffodils continually bloom in your heart. Our hearts may be where we pick our daffodils come March

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