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the most heavenly garage band


“David Bowie, Prince, Chris Cornell, and Johnny Cash are forming the most heavenly garage band right now.” (Noah Rubin, in comments on Youtube.)



Grief, longing, ecstasy – strangely related.


“Life is gone with just the spin of a wheel…”


  1. So so sad. So many of his lyrics are dark but beautiful poetry. Thanks for the post.

  2. I saw him in a Chapel Hill club in ’88 when Soundgarden was just breaking out. He was mesmerizing. I thought at the time – this is what it must have been like to see Morrison or Plant in his prime. No preening or posing – just incredible magnetism and intensity. And that voice. Saw him again a year later in San Fran in much bigger venue and he still dominated the stage. Terribly terribly sad. Nobody will – or can – ever sound like him.

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