Today’s poem and photos come to you from a city cold and grey and drear – it’s winter here. But there’s Christmas cheer, and the Buddha, and Shinto shrines too. The lights that glow in the Christmas trees and the gingko trees with their yellow leaves made me want to share some of Tokyo with you.


Leaves in Tokyo

The gingko trees sing bright yellow songs

While Tiffany works in her window of blue.

The pond beckons softly – come rest here, my darlings –

While Buddha sits patiently waiting for you.

Girls with pale faces dream of fine dresses,

The black and white head neither wanders nor weeps.

The buildings show off –

The lights dance –

The trees glisten –

The leaf sighs with wonder – 

Then gently she sleeps.


*      *      *

Thank you so much, Bill and Chrissy Hagerty, for the warm hospitality!

*      *      *

Reading on the plane: 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami.

*      *      *

Bonus photos:

Neighborhood Shinto shrine

A new friend, Rie Kotari

Amazing things done with root vegetables

Look at the floor of this subway car. It’s cleaner than the floor in my kitchen.

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