Spring is lovely and hopeful and all that as the world renews itself around us. Spring can also be wet and cold, and sometimes dark moods overtake us. Here’s another poem and photo essay from The Backyard Poem Collection…


Spring Is The Season (Part 2)

Spring is the season of blooms

and decay,

Cherry blossoms heading to the gutter,

Red buds slumming on the sidewalks,

Tulips singing in chorus

then losing their minds

one by one.

Pin oak leaves cling, waiting for things

that may some day, or one day, or never, come.

Weeds root in poor places,

Seeds dream of a future
Of fluttering – falling – uncertain at best.

In the ivy that creeps up the side of the house –

Thank God for the house finches building their nest.

*      *      *

Photos taken on my Iphone X.

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Image of house finch copyright here.


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