Nashville friends, I bet you already know this, but just in case you don’t – Ann Patchett will talk about her new novel “The Dutch House” at Montgomery Bell Academy on Monday, September 23rd, at 6:15 pm. You’ll need to reserve a ticket if you’d like to go (click here). Books will be available for purchase, a day early; the official release date is September 24th…

Here are links to my short review of “The Dutch House” in StyleBlueprint and at Bacon.

I’m also delighted to feature a Bacon interview with Ann on Tuesday, September 24th. I’ve asked her questions about her favorite character in the new novel, the process of writing, and possible fairy tale resonances in “The Dutch House.” Shades of Cinderella? Hansel and Gretel? I can’t get over the cover. It haunts me.

I’ll introduce the conversation between Ann and Margaret Renkl (“Late Migrations“) at the Southern Festival of Books on Saturday, October 12th, at 2:00. More information to come! 

For more on Margaret Renkl? Please click here. She’s another Nashville woman writer who will be – remembered.

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In the meanwhile, here are a few photos from my yard in the warmth of the afternoon sun, in the parching heat of a September that feels more like August…

Tulip poplar in the front yard, suffering


Bur oak in the side yard


One of the new maples I planted a few years ago, an October Glory I think


The knockout roses in their last days


And – darling Pepper

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