My friend Kristen Weaver spotted this driver and his cargo on Belle Meade Boulevard in Nashville yesterday. Camo + Angel Soft is a good look in the Time of Corona. Thanks for sending the photo, Kristen!

For another good chuckle, please enjoy this Saturday night special with Robin and Richard Patton. Cheers, friends!!

Selfie in the Time of Corona

What’s your best coping strategy for Life in the Time of Corona?

Robin: White Burgundy

Richard: Work, exercise, Netflix

Favorite comfort food/beverage?

Robin: White Burgundy

Richard: Red Wine – pick’em

Favorite delivery service?

Robin: A wine glass

Richard: Amazon

Do you like to cook? Do you hate to cook? How are you going to feed yourself and your spouse? (By the way Robin I know from personal experience that you can make an incredible roasted chicken and potatoes au gratin…) Richard, do you cook?

Robin: We both like to cook enough that we won’t starve – Richard makes a mean Ribeye!

Richard: See above

How are your pups doing in the Time of Corona? Robin – please tell us how Nashville Humane Society is doing, and how we can help…

Robin: The Nashville Humane Association has had tremendous support from our foster families. Almost all the pets have been fostered out for the next 2 weeks. Amazing compassion and selflessness in our community! To help – I am sure they will be in need of dog food after the 2 week quarantine.

Richard: Our pups are fat and happy and enjoying more human companionship than they have in the past.

What essential supply are you stocked up on?

Robin: Vanilla meringues from Trader Joe’s

Richard: Ice cream and plenty of golf balls

What essential supply are you not stocked up on? Where would you go to get it? What lengths would you go to?

Robin: I think we are pretty well stocked up on most things including ammunition LOL!

Richard: Time with our friends! Not quite ready to commit a felony, but getting close!

What is your state of mind?

Robin: White Burgundy makes me happy!

Richard: Surprisingly peaceful –

You know I’ve got to ask this. I’m gathering intel. How many rolls of toilet paper do you have in your house? Is anyone in your house hoarding? Are you rationing anything else?

Robin: We have about 12 rolls now. Richard told me he saw people coming out of Kroger with toilet paper this morning at 7:30am so I peeled out of the driveway and got there just in the nick of time.

Richard: No need to ration. We have plenty of wine, so Robin should be able to maintain sanity for at least a year!

We’re “Safer at Home” in Nashville these days (required to stay home) – how do you think you’ll use that time?

Robin: Avoiding Richard :0)

Richard: Pestering Robin

If you watch more TV, which shows will you watch? What shows have you watched in the last year or so that you would recommend?

Robin: Just finished “Hunters” and it was great. Also loved “The Fall,” “Mindhunters” and “Narcos Mexico”.

Richard: Just finished “Messiah”! I like the educational content on Amazon Prime and anything produced by the BBC.

What are you reading right now? What have you read in the last year or so that you would recommend?

Robin: Daisy Jones and the Six

Richard: I am almost finished with The Body by Bill Bryson. It is great. I would also highly recommend The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee, and Sapiens by Yuval Noah. All three are entertaining and well paired with my short attention span.

What is your advice for friends trying to stay mentally healthy in this trying time?

Robin: Keep sending friends those funny texts, light hearted photos, and fairly pervy videos that are making me laugh all day – and of course White Burgundy!

Richard: Exercise, and the tsunami of humor and jokes circulating via text etc.

Thanks for all the joy, Robin & Richard!