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What I Saw By the Sea


A strong wind blew
the seas were rough with discontent
the sky was blue
and the cormorant flew
the moment he saw me.

A little crab lay in my reach
at the beach
on her back –
with a stick
I gave her a flip –
she looked with dead eyes at the sea.

It seemed there were messages everywhere
if only I could decipher them.



I did notice that
strong grasses grow

in the hot dry sand

and also golden flowers glow



  1. Jennifer, thank you for the pictures and the verses. You’re my Mary Oliver! Beautiful!

    • Allison, you could not say anything that would touch me more!! Thank you!! I sometimes feel that it’s “cheating” to supplement the words with photos, but then I think – this is what I feel called to do. And so I think maybe I’ll keep doing it. Thank you – so deeply – for the encouragement. xoxo

  2. Exactly what I needed today- enjoy your beach time most thoughtful & gentle poet.

    • Dear Holly – Can you believe we are already back? It was hard to get on that early morning flight!! But I am so grateful for the change of scenery, the wind and the sea. Thank you for your incredibly kind words ~ xoxo

  3. Jennifer — I am catching up on emails and am just now reading this lovely post of pictures and poetry. I especially liked the line “It seemed there were messages everywhere if I could only decipher them.” And followed by “I did notice that….”

    So important to take time to listen and “notice.” A trip to beach, or the mountains, or even Radnor Lake helps.

    Please keep writing.

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