Once upon a time

when mammals called Humans
roamed the earth and filled it with wonders

 and horrors –

the water tickled the sand at a place called
“the beach”

where the mammals (called Humans) liked to visit,

and their children, not so different from you,
played with toys and tools they abandoned –
it was a time of plenty, for them.

The older children rode things with wheels
that seemed marvelous to the children,
who knew even then that
a thing with wheels can take you places

(and there is joy in leaving, and also returning).

They built “castles” in the sand
with dreams of princes, and dragons, and quests,
of queens who outsmarted thieves of children –
dreams they had almost forgotten.

The castles seemed marvelous to the children
who knew even then that
a castle built out of sand cannot last

(and yet there is joy in castles and tales).

And on these beaches
a Human might lose a shoe
that protected a tender foot

and a mammal might leave an empty can
of a liquid called “White Claw”
which went down their thirsty throat and made them laugh.

It’s a strange thing to think about.

What did they know of love, you ask.

Well, where to begin?

Once upon a time a mammal called a Human with grey and pink hair rode
a thing with wheels down the beach, in imperfect circles,
while a 4-legged mammal, a “dog”

(old, her companion) trod
where the ocean meets the sand

and the Human rode slowly because
her friend had grown slow

 *     *     *


Love in the time of corona…


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