It’s hard being married to Hades – we can imagine. Super hard living in the darkness and depths of the Underworld. 

When Persephone returns to the earth’s surface each year to bring spring, can you blame her for going a little wild? Maybe she should slow down on the vino… but maybe not. 

“I’ve been to hell and back again
But like my mama always said
Brother, when you’re down, you’re down
And when you’re up, you’re up
If you ain’t six feet underground
You’re livin’ it up on top…”



And on the road to Hell there was a lot a’ waiting
Everybody waiting on a train
Waiting on the train to bring that lady
With a suitcase packed again
She’s never early always
These days she never stays for long
The good things come to those who wait

[Train whistle sounds]

Here she comes


Well, it’s like he said, I’m an outdoor girl


And you’re late again


Married to the king of the underworld


She forgot a little thing called spring


Are you wondering where I’ve been?


I’m wondering…

*       *      *

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