by Alice@itsbabypears/Twitter

Eurydice, with all the love and joy a heart can hold, asks this of Orpheus: promise me that things will always be this way.

“I promise,” he says – and I would have believed that boy too.

One’s heart breaks for their love, and their youth, and for their belief that anything might stay the same. 

One must not hold too tightly to anything, I have come to believe… and you should never ask love to stay still. 

Love will grow or it will diminish. It will twist and turn and reach for the light; it will sink into the abyss and crawl out screaming; it will take one step at a time, calm and steadfast; it will run and also stumble; it will feast and it will starve; sometimes it lasts, yes, but it is always moving, through us and between us.

The wind will always change on us, dear Orpheus and Eurydice…


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Photo by Bacon on a wet Saturday in October




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