by Peter Paul Rubens

Dear Bacon Friends,
Let’s leave Hadestown tonight.

Orpheus has snuck into hell, begging Hades to let his lover Eurydice rejoin him in the world above.

Hades laughs – scornful – but Persephone convinces him to give the young lovers another chance. To let Eurydice go.

On one condition: Hades requires Orpheus to walk out of hell alone, with Eurydice following. If he looks back, she will be forever lost to him.

It’s a sad song, friends. It’s an old song. Doubt undoes us.

Where does one find hope? In the strangest of places… between Hades and Persephone, who remember the love that once flowed between them and wonder if they might try to find it again; between Persephone and Eurydice, who comfort and strengthen each other; and in the power of art to console.

I leave you with the last song of the show, the song of Perspehone and Eurydice…

(Sung by the show’s writer, Anais Mitchell, as Persephone, and Ani diFranco as Eurydice)


[EURYDICE] Pour the wine and raise a cup
Drink up, brothers, you know how
Raise a glass for Orpheus
Wherever he is now

[PERSEPHONE] Some birds sing when the sun shines bright
My praise is not for them
But the one who sings in the dead of night
I raise my cup to him

[EURYDICE] Wherever he is wandering
Alone upon the earth
Let all our singing follow him
And bring him comfort
Some flowers bloom where the green grass grows
My praise is not for them
But the ones who grow in the bitter snow
I raise my cup to them

[PERSEPHONE] I raise my cup and drink it up

[EURYDICE] I raise it high and I drink it dry

And all of us


Good night, brothers, good night

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