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Election Day Special


Good morning, Bacon friends! I woke up to such a fun message from our friends across the pond today…

Is it weird that my heart swelled with joy? My husband brought me a cup of the strong stuff.

We’re going to be fine! Wow I hate to sound flip – and many of you know I can go a little sharp on politics from time to time. But at the end of the day, I have so much confidence in our system of government and in us. No matter the result of this election. We’ll figure things out. We are an idealistic – and sensible – people.

And in the meanwhile, it’s time to turn to Thanksgiving plans and Christmas shopping! Sending love and joy and warm wishes to all Bacon readers today…

Love, ~Jennifer

Here are some images from Fortnum and Mason to inspire…

*     *     *

My cup of tea isn’t quite as fancy this morning – but somehow it is just right.

(Daisy Baby secretly worked on the cover of the beautiful “Wise Trees” book when no one was looking)

*     *     *

For a beautiful message of hope and unity from some Nashville women, check this out…

Laurie Rice, Mendy Mazzo – thank you for sharing this video. Again, my heart swells with unexpected joy on Election Day… xoxo



  1. Good morning Jennifer! I too am enjoying (several) cups of my morning strong stuff & this sunny Nashville am.
    I applaud your brimming optimism on all counts (!) & enjoyed beautiful/inspired photos from your friends ATP. to you and yours.

  2. Love this message and love you dearly! All will be fine. What a blessing to be a citizen of our country.

  3. I am trying to stay calm, and positive. You are calm and positive, and oh so refreshing.
    Thank you for reminding me I can do nothing about today and that we will all come through this no matter the outcome.
    I was sooooooo sorry to learn of your tangle with Daisy. I hope she is still your precious puppy and that you are mending with less pain each day.

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