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Pepper and the Bath Bomb


My husband and I left Pepper and Daisy at home when we went out to dinner a few nights ago. Daisy stayed in her crate – against her will – because she is a puppy and likely to get into mischief. We confined Pepper to the bedroom and bathroom, where she could keep an eye on Daisy or retreat to a far corner. Pep – aggrieved and aggravated – didn’t care for this arrangement. She prefers full run of the house.

“I – am – a – grown – dog,” she barked, as we left.

“I know, I know,” I said soothingly, closing the door behind us.

Upon our return, Gus and I took the dogs outside then settled in for two episodes of “A Discovery of Witches”. He will watch this show with me if he has enjoyed a sufficient number of cocktails at dinner.

After some satisfying time with the vampires and witches, it was time to settle the girls into their crates and us into our bed.

That’s when I found it: the empty wrapper of a Valentine’s Day bath bomb.

Recreation of the crime scene

I had last seen the bright pink bath bomb resting on the edge of the tub.

Staged photo

My heart lurched. “Pepper, did you eat the Valentine’s Day bath bomb?” I asked, frantically googling “what to do when your dog eats a bath bomb”.

“I don’t remember,” she said coolly. “I seem to recall that you left me in the bedroom and bathroom when you went out to dinner, though.”

I imagined what a bath bomb might do in a dog’s stomach.

Image: Lucas Gojda

What I learned from Google was not encouraging. Most likely? Extreme stomach upset, taking every conceivable form. IV fluids possibly required. 

“Oh Peppy,” I said, as my husband tucked her into her crate. “I am worried sick about what tonight holds. And what your tummy holds.”

“She ate it! She ate it!” Daisy cackled hysterically as Gus snuggled her into her own crate.  

I slept poorly, one ear open to the possibility of vomiting and/or explosive diarrhea and a midnight trip to the vet. Into my dreams came tests I was not prepared for. Classes I had forgotten to attend. Additionally, I lost several teeth, and someone chased me. 

Morning came, and everyone had slept well except me. 

In my robe, in the light of the new day, I found the bright pink bath bomb – gently nibbled – close to the sofa where we’d been watching the witch and vampire get it on. 

“Who brought the bath bomb in here and nibbled on it?!” I asked the pups, chowing down on their breakfasts. I was mostly relieved, but also exhausted and agitated.

“I don’t know,” Daisy said, looking up from her Royal Canin puppy kibble innocently.

“I don’t know,” Pepper echoed, looking up from her Hill’s Prescription Diet (Digestive Care) with a sly smile. She has a sensitive stomach. “Probably Daisy,” she added.

Ahh, perhaps they are becoming sisters, I thought.

Poured my second cup of tea.

We choose our sisters, I thought. And they choose us. 

*     *     *


*       *       *

This series has been called “Harry Potter for grownups”. I read the first years ago but did not feel inspired to continue. Perhaps I shall rethink.

*      *      *






  1. “I – am – a – grown – dog,” she barked, as we left.

    I’m surprised that Pepper even thinks of herself as a canine. I am glad that all was well.

  2. Thank goodness!!!

  3. I am so happy no one ate the bath bomb! However, I had to laugh because I have 3 Golden Retrievers and have probably lost more sleep over them than I have my two teens!

  4. Thank goodness all is well!

  5. I *loved* Deborah Harkness’s Discovery of Witches and the entire All Souls Trilogy (thanks Kate Satz for recommending)! I did not know they had been made into a tv series!! Also glad Pepper did not eat the bath bomb. Luckily it didn’t taste as good as it looked!!

  6. I was extremely worried while I read this post! Whew, thank goodness, all was well!
    FYI, I would not have slept much either and would have had very similar dreams!
    Give Pepper and Daisy hugs and love from Rachael and me!

  7. What a fun way to start the day, reading your adorable repartee about Daisy and Pepper! Puts a smile on my face every time!

  8. Awesome post!!

  9. That is the cutest story ever!!

  10. SO SO GOOD!! I love your posts, Jennifer!!

  11. This reminds me of Paco a few years back— climbing onto a table, ripping up the Target bag, then opening the plastic around the boxes of candies and downing the entire family’s supply of Valentines chocolate. All was well after a huge bill and a night at the emergency vet. Paco and Pepper would be good friends!

  12. Great story Jennifer! It reminded me of the time our golden retriever, Murphy, ate a bar of soap. It was a miserable two days – for both of us!

  13. oh my, the suspense! what scamps. I think they take great joy conspiring how to turn you gray. so glad you are enjoying Discovery! I, too, have been successful in recruiting my hubs to watch with me.

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