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Once Upon a Time…


The Corona Gardens (I)

Once upon a time
(in the Time of Corona)
a grand old pine perished, felled by tiny beetles
which seems kind of tragic
but not as tragic as it may have seemed
once upon a time. 

Among its roots grew up a garden of
lavender, milkweed and veronica.
The carpenter bee kissed them all. 

the allium exploded in fireworks
while the bee balm fell apart.

In the garden of coneflowers and foxglove
the coneflower smiled and the foxglove complained
and the gardener made a decision perhaps neither right nor wrong
that did have significant consequences for the foxglove.

I cherish the day
said common Stella D’Oro;

I bloom where I am planted
said Common Aster smugly.

I wish I were anywhere but here, said Shasta Daisy (planted in the wrong place)
stretching for the sun
growing strong and beautiful beyond measure


*      *      *

Other photos from the June garden:





  1. Thank you , day is made

  2. One assumes the foxglove was tired of the Common Aster’s smug preening and what happened next was just merciful.

  3. I’m enchanted. Hey! I did something crazy. Purchased , yes purchased an app on my phone. 100% worth it. Called “Picture This” It identifies any plant in seconds. Try it.

    • I am crazy about “Picture This”!! I use it every single day in all kinds of settings!! My family is less enchanted. It has become a bit of an addiction. I’m glad you’ve discovered it too!! Xoxo

    • Oh dear. I’m always impressed (and a bit intimidated) by Jennifer’s familiarity with each species. I’m downloading immediately.

  4. lovely, JBP! will have to come for a stroll through wonderland soon…

  5. Our Gardener is BACK! Smiling along with you ~ Cheers!!!

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