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It began innocently enough. She walked into a bookstore, a famous one…

The green carpet had seen better days. It almost had a seedy feel, that carpet. Like it should have been in a roadside motel. 

It had seen a little THIS, it had seen a little THAT – 

It could read between the lines – and so could she. 

It all seemed a little predictable. 

But then, probing further, she came upon the dark corner reserved for French language books. Things got – more interesting. 

Around the next corner, things got – freaking Local.

She saw this –

and that –

she saw things she’d never seen before.

Breathing heavily, she found her way to the Staff Picks. She wasn’t quite ready. Until – she was.

She came away with this –

And this –

And also that – 

Exhausted. Invigorated.

She sucked down the second airport Jack, lit a cigarette, and walked back out into the world. 

*      *      *



  1. Oh my!!! This is maybe my favorite post ever on Bacon! Have a great weekend. I want to find a bookstore on Saturday morning and get a fix.

  2. The perfect way to begin my day is: reading Bacon as I drink my morning coffee.

  3. I was right there in the store with her. I wasn’t, but I was.

  4. Seeing a quirky bookstore through your eyes–priceless! You should write one of your own. And use one of those surprising illustrators for your cover. Can’t wait to read it. But until then, I’ll remain faithful to Bacon.

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