It began innocently enough. She walked into a bookstore, a famous one…

The green carpet had seen better days. It almost had a seedy feel, that carpet. Like it should have been in a roadside motel. 

It had seen a little THIS, it had seen a little THAT – 

It could read between the lines – and so could she. 

It all seemed a little predictable. 

But then, probing further, she came upon the dark corner reserved for French language books. Things got – more interesting. 

Around the next corner, things got – freaking Local.

She saw this –

and that –

she saw things she’d never seen before.

Breathing heavily, she found her way to the Staff Picks. She wasn’t quite ready. Until – she was.

She came away with this –

And this –

And also that – 

Exhausted. Invigorated.

She sucked down the second airport Jack, lit a cigarette, and walked back out into the world. 

*      *      *


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